Google Sites

I have created a tutorial for my students in order to have an e-portfolio for our Spanish class, in this tutorial they will learn how to create their Google Sites. Why Google Sites? My school district is very concerned about publishing students’ work online so this way, only teachers and other students inside our school district have access to our “private” sites. Not even parents can access our Google Sites, if they desire to do so they would have to use their children’s ID and password. Our blogs or sites are restricted by a district user ID and password and this makes it safer for the kids, especially because they are Middle School students who sometimes act without thinking or fearing the possible consequences.

Although we have private sites, we like to interact with other Spanish classes and for that reason we use websites such as VoiceThread that allow us to collaborate with other classes. I have created an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that is signed by the parents in the beginning of the school year regarding the release of their pictures and projects, I also create a form that students and parents sign for my class listing the technologies we will be using during the school year to request their approval for publishing on my public blog or wiki so that I can showcase their work to the “world”.

This tutorial was made in QuickTime Player. I simply opened the application, clicked on file, then new screen recording and recorded the tutorial. To publish it, I posted it on Vimeo then hosted on my wiki.

Click HERE to watch the tutorial.