Hi there,

My name is Camila Sousa, also known as Camila Sousa Sakai (that’s because I am in the process of changing my name for my married name). I first started blogging in 2008 when I was introduced by a dear friend and coworker to the Learning With Computers (LWCs) group and I have learned so much from educators all around the world that I have decided to share my knowledge with teachers I currently work with. Since then I have participated in many online projects with other teachers from around the globe, and I am constantly building my Personal Learning Network (PLN). I am always eager to learn and share. My motto is: Sharing is Caring! I currently teach Spanish in a northern suburb of Chicago but in the past I have taught English as a Second and Foreign language as well as assumed the role of the technology resources at my current school. Ready to connect and share some ideas? You can find me:

@camilassakai on Twitter

@camilassakai on Facebook

@camilassousa on Pinterest


3 comments on “About

  1. Oi Camila,
    Que legal saber do teu novo blog. Quero ser tua seguidora pois, espero que em breve, eu possa também fazer uso de toda essa tecnologia na minha própria sala de aula aqui em Calgary. Quem sabe um dia? Ainda estou no processo de obter minha certificação. bjs e bom skypear contigo!

  2. Oi Camila,
    Acabei de assistir a tua entreveista com a prof. Rosanne Ramsay. adorei e vou ver se mostro para a minha prof e colegas. Estamos tendo um disciplina de tech e acho que sera bem oportuno. Obrigada por sharing and caring…. Quando vamos nos encontrar novamente? bjcas!

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