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My 8th grade students worked on two different projects last month.

For the first project, they had to choose from a given list of apps which to use for their project. This project was graded individually and I tested their writing and speaking skill:

1) Talkapella App

2) AutoRap App

3) Songify App

All three apps were free which made the process easier in our school because if there is a cost we need approval which can sometimes take a long time. We had all three apps uploaded to 30 iPads that are in a cart that circulates in our school.

My students had to choose one of the apps mentioned and record their physical appearance but before doing that they had to write it down and show it to me for approval before recording. They had to use the vocabulary we have learned in class. They really enjoyed doing this activity!

The second project was recording a video:

Students could choose to record a video setting the table or ordering dinner at a restaurant which most of them did. They worked with a partner for this activity. They had to first write their script and it had to be approved by me before they recorded their video. I showed them how to use iMovie and they recorded themselves in the video, edited and sent the final product to me. I did not help them record or write their script, in fact I only saw the final product when they sent their videos to my YouTube channel so I could grade them. The results were amazing, some of them added background music and others even recorded the video from their homes so they could use real props instead of the fake ones I provided.

They used the iPads for both projects and the results were amazing. You can check them out here in our classroom wikispaces:

By 2 teach is 2 touch lives 4 ever

Technology on the go – Episode 2

Hello everyone,

Technology on the go is a monthly podcast where Ana Maria Menezes and Camila Sousa interview teachers from all over the world and they talk about the projects they have been working on with their students. This month we have interviewed Ana Maria Menezes that is also the host of this podcast.

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By 2 teach is 2 touch lives 4 ever