Creating activities using Google Spreadsheet Gadgets

Hello there,

I learned how to create exercices using Google Docs Spreadsheet last year and have been trying to write about it on my blog but I always get caught doing something else. So here it is, I am finally sharing:

Do you use Google Docs?

Yes? Are you and your students getting the most out of it?

No? It is a very useful tool to use for your classes. In the district I work in, all the students have Google e-mail so we all share documents through Google Docs, it is easier to share their homework, projects or quizes with their teachers and classmates. It is a great way to work on projects together and collaborate with each other using a common document. I have been using Google Spreadsheet to create activities for a while now. Here is an example:

To create this exercise, I have:

1) Logged into my Google Docs

2) Click on Create – Spreadsheet

3) Wrote the words on column A and the definitions on column B

4) Select column A and B and click on InsertGadget

5) Selected Flash Cards Gadget By Seth Glickman and clicked on add to Spreadsheet

6) On the top right hand corner there is a drop-down menu. click there and select move to own sheet…

7) Once you have done that you will have on the bottom of your spreadsheet two tabs, one with the list of words and definitions and one with the gadget.

Hope you enjoy creating your own activities! If you have any questions on how to create different activities using Google spreadsheet do not hesitate to ask. Please share your creations, I would love to see the activities you have created.


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