YouTube Channel

Hi there,

I attended Lucy Gray’s conference about Instructional Uses of YouTube at ICE 2012 and I was amazed by what I learned so I am sharing how I decided to use it with my students to enhance learning!

I have learned that I can create a private channel so my students can upload videos safely! And best of all, they can do it from their mobile devices. Let’s see how!

Fist of all, as YouTube is a Google product you will need to have a Google mail account in order to start your channel. If you already have one, great! If not, you can access YouTube and click on create an account, it will create a Google account for you when you sign up for YouTube.

1) If you already have a Google account, please click on Sign In as shown below.
2) If you do not have one, please click on Create Account, see image.

Once you have your account you will be ready to start posting videos!

Let’s get started:

To find your YouTube e-mail address, access your account settings on the right-hand corner and click on Mobile Setup on the left (see picture below).

Give that e-mail address to your students so they can start uploading videos from their mobile devices by sending an e-mail to that address! If you don’t like the address YouTube generates, you can change to a different automated one until you find one that is good and easy enough for your students.

Want to try it out? Please, share the results with me!

1) Record a video either with your mobile device or with your computer talking about a website or app that you like using in your classes with your students. To post your video to my YouTube channel, please send an e-mail to the address below, and don’t forget to attach your video.

2) The subject of the e-mail will be the title of the video, so write your name and the name of the website or app you are sharing. Thanks.

3) To see your video access my channel:

To see how I am using this feature with my students, please access my wiki by clicking HERE.


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